Haggar®, founded in Dallas in 1926, is one of America’s most trusted menswear brands.

Haggar needed to dive deep into the consumer’s process and mindset when shopping for Haggar and competitor brand pants in-store at major retailers. What, specifically, do consumers do when shopping for men’s pants? What behaviors, motivations, and influencers occur during the process of selecting and purchasing products (Haggar or competitor)? What barriers in-store and at-rack prevent consumers from finding and selecting Haggar pants?

Heatly Custom Research (now Root Research and Insights) conducted individual depth interviews with pre-recruited category shoppers on-site, in-the-moment, at retail stores where Haggar is sold. Participants were observed shopping followed by in-depth questions to fully understand the impact of visual merchandising, store stimuli, shelf signage, and other factors present at the point of purchase. Video captured every nuance of the shopping experience, giving the insights team a firsthand playback of the consumer’s path to purchase.

Insights revealed key opportunities to boost sales through enhancements to product labeling, shelf signage, and product layout within retailer parameters. 

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